6_4The Greece Dodecanese Islands are an interesting Mediterranean yacht charter destination. The islands lie in a crescent chain along the Turkish coast curving west towards.

Crete and are suited to both motor and sailing yacht charters. A Dodecanese yacht charter vacation offers quite a variety so they are difficult to sumarise, except to say that they have rustic and rugged landscapes, clear blue ocean stretches and they could be considered generally to be less touristy than the Cyclades and other parts of Greek Islands. Dodecanes Islands are beautiful Greece yacht charter holiday destination.

Dodecanese islands are fairly bare of vegetation – although not to such an extent as the Cycladic Islands – in fact several islands are abundant with natural springs, especially Kos and Rhodes (Rodos), which are also relatively green and wooded. Their inhabitants live by farming, sponge-fishing (the Dodecanese forms the base of the Greek sponge-fishing fleet), but increasingly, the tourist trade and visiting charter boats.

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