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The prices will naturally established under the category of the boat, but also in terms of additional criteria. A list of these criteria will be established as follows. The number ofcrew, And also theservice boardIt will also take account ofrouteBecause even if it evokes sailboats, theengine usemore or less significant displacements often remains necessary. It should also be noted that thefuel prices in Turkey is higher than in Europe, And the energy on board a vessel is provided bygenerators also use the fuelFor conversion into electricity. Qualityculinary benefitis also to take into account, as well asoffered drinks included in the service or not. Theincluding the Greek Islands cruisesAnd in this case the logs transfers, customs charges for the boat, the tax on the number of berths, the tax on the number of passengers are also taken into account. The cost of the boat to the Greek islands are larger than a conventional route in Turkish waters, because it should still add additional fuel expenses (Navigation at sea rather than cabotage). Finally, theability of the selected optionsabout global charter boat or sale to the cabin, as well as additional benefits stakeholders providers on board to understanding now quotes and rates that are available.

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