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Bible Tour




As it is written in the GENESIS Anatolia is the “land to the morning”- the Garden of Eden.

Day 1 Istanbul – Adana

Arrival to Istanbul, flight from Istanbul to Adana. Dinner and overnight in Adana.

Day 2 Adana – Urfa

After breakfast, near Urfa begins the Area of Haran where Abraham had lived. Visiting the place of his birth with the fountain, the Mosque and the lake with the holy fishes, the grave of Job in a mosque and the chapel with the bones of Apostle Thomas. Dinner and overnight in Urfa. 461 km.

Day 3 Urfa – Antakya

After breakfast, departure for Antakya. Here the Apostle Petrus preached. Visiting the church and the Mozaik Museum. Dinner and overnight in Antakya. 424 km.

Day 4 Antakya – Tarsus

After breakfast, departure for Tarsus. Tarsus is the birthplace of Apostle Paulus and one of the First Christian Places. Visiting the old Mopsuestia, and “Hell and Heaven” caves. Dinner and overnight in Tarsus. 240 km.

Day 5 Tarsus – Nevsehir

After the breakfast, passing the Porta Cilicia, visiting the Monastery of “Eski Gümüs” and the underground city of Derinkuyu or Kaymakli. Dinner and overnight in Nevsehir. 290 km.

Day 6 Nevsehir

After breakfast, visiting the rock churches of Göreme, the township, Avanos and Urgüp (stoneware and onyx). Walking between the fairy chimneys. Dinner and overnight in Nevsehir. 100 km.

Day 7 Nevsehir – Konya

After breakfast, on the way visiting the 12 rock churches near Aksaray and Sultanhan. In Konya, the old Ikonium, Apostle Paulus and Barnabas stayed to preach (Apostel 14.1). Konya owned the patriarchate over 14 cities. Visiting Mevlana monastery and Mosque. Dinner and overnight in Konya. 230 km.

Day 8 Konya – Manavgat

After breakfast, on the way visiting the Beysehir lake and wooden mosque, using the Akseki road. Visiting Side with theatre and museum. In the year 390 A.D very important bishop synod had happened here. Dinner and overnight in Manavgat. 300 km.

Day 9 Manavgat – Antalya

After breakfast, on the way visiting the old bishop townships Aspendos and Perge, where Apostle Paulus and Barnabas had preached. Perge is one of the first Christian places in Asia minor. Visiting the old city of Antalya with the ruins of two churches. Dinner and overnight in Antalya. 130 km.

Day 10 Antalya

After breakfast, visiting Myra, the place where St.Nicklaus worked, with the famous church. Every year in December a worldwide religious conference happens here. Dinner and overnight in Antalya. 320 km.

Day 11 Antalya – Pamukkale

After breakfast, on the way visiting Korkuteli and the Salda lake, the deepest lake in Turkey. Pamukkale was a bishop place up to 900 A.D evangelist Philippus settled down the first Christian population. Paulus wrote his “ Letters to the Colosser” (3.18 –25, 7-8, 12 –13) . On the top of a hill, we find the graves of Philippus and his two daughters, who were tortured and murdered here. In Pamukkale are some ruins of churches. 280 km.

Day 12 Pamukkale – Izmir

After breakfast, on the way visiting the house of Maria and Ephesus. In Ephesus, Apostle Paulus talked to the Ephesian people (Apostle 21.28 – 39). St. Johns Cathedral is one of the famous cross-basilicas. Pope Johannes Paul VI. stayed here for an official visit. Izmir is one of the seven apocalyptic places from which evangelist Johannes wrote, that Jesus had shown him as seven light holders and seven stars. (Johannes off 1.11) Dinner and overnight in Izmir. 270 km.

Day 13 Izmir – Istanbul

A. Guests with sejour in the Aegean will transfer to their hotels.

B. On the way to Istanbul visiting Iznik the old Nikaea – the city of various Christian councils.

Ferryboat from Yalova to Istanbul. Dinner and overnight in Istanbul

Day 14 Istanbul

After breakfast visiting the Hagia Sophia and Hagia Irene, transfer to the airport.


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