Lycian Cruise

Aphrodite Cruise Bodrum to Marmaris or Bodrum to Marmaris (1st weekend of May late October).

Example of the cruise in the direction Bodrum to Marmaris

Day 1: -Samedi- ✈ Fly to airportBodrum-MilasBy our concierge. (Or if Dalaman airport to Marmaris Bodrum Cruise) Airport, welcome transfer to Bodrum Marina, installation onboard. Early evening drink with presentation of your stay. Visit of the city of Bodrum. Free dinner.

Day 2: From Bodrum to -Dimanche- IslandKos. (Cruising time = 1:30). Sail to the island of Kos in Greece,Island of Hippocrates. Free time to explore the old town, the Castle of the Knights, the village of Platani and Asclepieion considered the first hospital in the ancient world. Dinner on board.

Day 3: From Kos to -Lundi-Nyssiros. (Navigation = 2h30). First swim of the day in an amazing natural hot water flowing into the sea. Then towards the uninhabited island Gyali and dinghy landing on a sandy beach, with golden sand and lined with pristine white rocks. Management then Nyssiros end of the day, the island’s youngest volcano in the Aegean area with its extinct crater, Polybotes(Diameter 260 m and 30 m depth). The visit of the gaping crater, offering its tons of white, yellow dust, red is striking. A colorful show for this special day. Dinner on board.

Day 4: From -Mardi-Nyssiros to Knidos and Tilos. (Navigation 3h30). Your morning arrival in the Bay of Knidos and directly in front of the foundations of the city assigned to the Spartans. Monuments, temples and majestic theater available to the view from the deck of your boat. You will find traces of the Spartans, Persians, Grecians, Romans and Byzantines. This is the temple of Knidos that was the famous statue of the goddessAphroditeby sculptor Praxiteles. Site visit and management the island of Tilos, swimming and night in a creek. Dinner on board.

Day 5:-Wednesday-De to TilosSymi.(Navigation around 3:00). Symi, Dodecanese island gem, one of the most beautiful in all of Greece. Upon our arrival, landing in the morning to visit the Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis, the most famous monastery of the island full of treasures. You will discover one of the finest 3 or icons of Greece. Symi has the most beautiful harbor in Greece, we will access in the late afternoon after a swim in a beautiful bay with changing colors … On each side of Symi harbor, steep climbs at the houses, some white, some yellow pastel and purple, ocher, blue and green, and all those houses with neoclassical pediments – a reminder that 100 years ago it was one of the most prosperous islands of Greece. These beautiful old houses have been resurrected for visitors. The spirit of the island remains intact.Birthplace of the three Graces. Visit the ‘Kastro’ (strong) perched on top of 500 steps that will be required for access. Dinner on board.

Day 6: From Symi to -Jeudi-Rhodes(Navigation 3:00). Rhodes, a major destination in Greece asplendidmedieval walls breakthroughseven gatesmajestic. Enchanting that attracted many artists with an address. The largest city in medieval Europe it offers architectural treasures to discover. Visit the Archaeological Museum, as well as the home of the great masters will delight you as you browse through the walkway at the foot of the Knights of the ramparts. Free dinner.

Day 7: From Rhodes to -Vendredi-Marmaris. (Navigation 3:15). Management Marmaris, one of the most welcoming resorts of Turkey. Free dinner.

Day 8: Saturday – ✈ Transfers. Breakfast and lunch onboard as flight schedules, and transfer to airport.

(Paid visits some sites are the responsibility of the client)

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