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Gulet Categories

Categories of sailboats Turks

Of high quality service, and to the ” low budget ”, substantially classes are 6 categories of yachts that meet different names. Check out this glossary to enable a rational identification. 1- VIP or luxury. The must. 2-Deluxe. Top notch. 3-Premium or luxury. Very well. (Premium and Deluxe are equal, it is difficult to tell the difference sometimes, except perhaps on the qualities of materials and design, the wood used component layout of the boat and the cabins – acajou–laminated teak, pine and so on. The age of the boat is also taken into account.4-Standard luxuryorcomfort.Remains friendly enough but the equipment and comfort and distinctive design elements and functional aspects are down. 5–Standard or Economy. The boat and the cabins are old or less comfortable than the next higher category. (Often no air conditioning in the cabins or bathroom facilities tv with just functional). 6-Low budget version ” roots ” and with minimum basic equipment. We will add to these six categories above that of Senior yachts for which we exercise activity broker flavors brokerage.

However, the magic of a sunny deck and discover beautiful landscapes is an enhancer element. The route must remain in my opinion one of the priorities. The factors determining the final choice of the customer remain at the discretion of each in relation to the quality and services offered by the ship.

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