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The village of Göcek was founded on the shores of Göcek Bay located in Gulf of Fethiye. Geographically, Göcek is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, except to the south where a gateway to the sea provides easy access to calm and well-protected harbours.

Where is Göcek?

Modern day Göcek is a pleasant village situated in Muğla Province of Fethiye County, located on the south west coast of Turkey. It was a small and quiet village until the beginning of 1980 when tourists began to discover the beauties of Turkey. In recent times, Göcek has developed quickly as its popularity increased in the region. According to a census in 2007, the total population numbered about 3,625 people but a more recent estimate places the figure closer to 4,000.

Göcek has many attractions for visitors arriving by sea: numerous bays, each more beautiful than the other and a scattering of picturesque islands surrounded by turquoise waters all combine to create an inviting vista. GöcekBay’s fine selection of sheltered anchorages and harbours to explore makes Göcek a popular stop for vessels voyaging on the Mediterranean. Sea and local  accommodations include six different marinas that should meet the needs of almost any yacht.

Göcek isn’t just ideal for yachting visitors. Arrivals by land or air will find that a wide choice of hotel accommodation,  restaurantsentertainmenttechnical facilities, travel agencies, provisioning, communication facilities, health services and all other vital necessities are readily available in Göcek.

Which kind of services available in Göcek?

If you choose to spend your holiday in Göcek, you will find a variety of holiday choices that include  social and cultural events, technical and health support and the ability to accommodate many special requirements. Regardless of how you arrive, Göcek is an excellent gateway to the South Aegean coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. It is an ideal starting point for many magnificent destinations over a variety of routes. With perfect green shores, paradise bays and turquoise waters. Göcek’s reputation has spread all over the world and a long holiday season that starts at the beginning of April and continues well into November provides ample opportunity for a holiday visit.

In December of 1988, the Environmental Protection Agency declared that the 805 km square area surrounding Göcek and Fethiye was a protected area. After the enactment of this ruling, new buildings could not be constructed with more than two and a half storeys. Almost all of the buildings and accommodation found in Göcek today are two storeys or less, which limits the number of rooms in hotels, apartments and pensions to provide a more personal touch for guests. Residents who combine hospitality and local character to provide an excellent holiday experience operate most of the companies that offer accommodations in Göcek.

How Göcek protecting it’s nature?

Green pine forests surround Göcek, except to the south in the direction of the sea. It offers many choices to satisfy all holiday needs in a perfect natural environment. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association, have started a Sea Management Project for the Göcek region. In an effort to protect the trees along the shore, 205 cleats have been located in the bays for mooring yachts and it is forbidden to moor your yacht to the trees. Charts with the locations of Göcek Bay mooring cleats are delivered to visiting yachts by the pump out boat. Under the provisions of Forestry law Nr. 6381, you are subject to a fine if you moor your yacht to the trees.

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